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5 Simple reasons to repair your bad credit

If you have bad credit, then you should take necessary steps to fix it. This is because bad credit will make it very difficult for you to qualify for any kind of loans. Let us know 5 compelling reasons to do bad repair immediately.

Easy and effective ways to consolidate your debt

Debt consolidation solutions can be easily sought out for in the modern financial scenario. As the number and reliability on credit instruments such as credit cards & mortgage, is increasing only debt consolidation solutions seems to the possible answer to address the credit issues. Debt consolidation solutions can offer best in class competitive rates on the existing due credit. Debt consolidators would ideally mediate and get the competitive interest rates from the leading bankers and financial institutions on the go. As a result debtor would end up paying a lot lesser to what he or she has been paying till now.

New Budget Management Features from Credit Card Companies

The recession has made consumers much more aware and vigilant about their household budgets – especially when it comes to potentially hazardous credit card spending – and it has also hit banks and other lenders hard. So while cardholders strive to hold on to their savings and avoid high credit card debt, late fees, and other related charges those companies that issue credit cards are trying to ensure that their customers do not get overextended on their payments. (more…)

Tax Tips: Pros and Cons of Some Available Tax Deductions

We all want to pay the bare minimum in taxes when April rolls around, and those who want to take as many deductions as legally possible often start thinking ahead of ways to deduct additional business expenses. But not all of these tax deductions are necessarily a good idea, even if they can save you a few dollars each year. The reason why is that they may also create a situation that puts you at greater risk for intense scrutiny from the IRS – including a dreaded tax audit. (more…)

Last Will & Testament Tips: Use percentages, not hard numbers

Unless you have a valid Last Will in place at the time of your death, even your loved ones may not have access to your estate – including money, property, and homes. That’s because the estates of those who die without a Will are supervised by the court system according to state law. Many times the state will claim almost everything for itself, leaving very little extra to be inherited by those to whom you may have wanted to leave your estate. (more…)

Credit Card Tips for 2010: Beware rapid rate hikes

With consumers angry and legislators under pressure to do more to rein in the banking industry, officials in Washington have pledged to pass new tougher laws in the coming months regarding credit cards. (more…)

Tips for Buying an Excellent Used Car

As soon as a brand new car is purchased and rolls off the dealer’s parking lot it loses a considerable amount of its retail value. That makes the purchase of a fine pre-owned automobile a great investment, but the trick to buying any used car is to avoid purchasing a vehicle that has hidden problems that will impede performance or cause costly and aggravating repairs. (more…)

What to Look for in a Mortgage Broker

Locating a good mortgage broker who is resourceful enough to shop your loan to several competitive and reputable lenders is often the best way to go when buying a home or doing a refinance. A mortgage broker may be able to negotiate for a better loan, advise you of options you would not otherwise know about, or help you locate an attractive mortgage from a lender you might not have discovered while doing your own search. (more…)

Why Extended Warranties Aren’t Worth It

Many companies offer extended warranties on their products at the point of purchase. When you go to a large electronics store, for example, and buy a camera or CD player you will usually be offered an extended warranty at check-out. The warranty might cost $10-20, and the impulse of most consumers is to go ahead and buy it in case something goes wrong with their item. But according to consumer experts most of those warranties are not worth buying. (more…)

Take Advantage of Real Estate Buyer Tax Perks ASAP

Just as homebuyers scurried to buy homes before the end of the year in order to qualify for a special $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit, Congress decided to extend it a little bit longer. The program has been very successful at encouraging sales, and many housing industry observers credit it with helping the housing market rebound. Now first-time buyers have until the last day of April, 2010 to get purchases under signed contract in order to enjoy the big tax perk. (more…)