Identity Theft and way to protect yourself from Identity Theft

What is Identity Theft?
Identity theft is no joke and for people who have been victims of identity theft know that very well. Identity theft is when some unauthorized person gathers information about a victim and uses that victim’s information for his fraudulent activities. These fraudulent activities can be stuff like withdrawing money out of a victim’s bank account, signing up for new credit cards or even getting a loan on a victim’s name. Identity theft is a very serious problem as the victims have to spend years straightening out everything and some have even been arrested for crimes not committed by them.

How to protect yourself from Identity Theft?
Protecting yourself from Identity theft is very important and being a little cautious can save you years of regret. Below are some of the steps you can take to protect identity theft.

* Make sure you know how your information will used when you are asked for it.
* Try to give the least amount of information needed.
* Your Social Security Number is very valuable and it is also the key to identity theft.
* Do not give out personal information over the phone or by unsecured mail.
* If you are asked to provide information over the web, then make sure the web page is secure.
* Always shred documents with personal information before disposing them. This also goes for the pre-approved junk mail that you get every now and then.
* Memorize you passwords/pins instead of writing them down in your wallet.
* And the most important of them all – check your Credit Report AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR to make sure that there are no unauthorized debts or activities.

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