‘Soft Hit’ vs ‘Hard Hit’

A ‘soft hit’ or a ‘hard hit’ is also known as a ‘soft inquiry’ or a ‘hard inquiry’. When you pull out your own Credit Report it is known as a ‘soft hit’ or a ‘soft inquiry’. On the other hand when you apply for a loan or a mortgage, the lender or the bank will pull out your Credit Report. When the bank or lender pulls out your Credit Report it is know as a ‘hard hit’ or a ‘hard inquiry’.

A ‘soft hit’ or ‘soft inquiry’ has no effect on your Credit Score but a ‘hard hit’ or ‘hard inquiry’ has exponential effect on your Credit Score. Exponential means that one or two ‘hard hits’ or ‘hard inquiry’ over a month will have little effect on your Credit Score. But if there were 5 or 6 ‘hard hits’ or ‘hard inquires’, the ‘hard hits’ will have a noticeable effect on your Credit Score. This is due to the fact that a ‘hard hit’ or ‘hard inquiry’ may signify a new loan and the more ‘hard hits’ or ‘hard inquiry’ the more probability that the consumer is in desperate need of a loan. On the other hand many ‘soft hits’ or ‘soft inquires’ may suggest that you are financially responsible and lenders may be more than happy to offer you a loan.

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  1. Joan Jul 17

    This was helpful info, but I still cannot find the answer to my question. How many times can one company hit my credit for a car loan?

  2. Jordan Foutz Apr 7

    Still trying to determine if a “soft hit” would affect my ability to get a personal loan for some home improvements. If I could get some clarification that would be awesome.

  3. Deniece Oct 18

    As many times as they want, when looking for the best rate through different lenders. It has to be on the same day though that you are there looking for financing. Any time after that they will need your approval again to pull your credit.

  4. Mike Jan 9

    12-13 times for a car loan.

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