How Credit Affects Your Ability to Land a New Job

Better credit can be a factor when you are looking for employment. In this day and age, employers are wary of hiring people who may turn out to be a bad investment of the time and energy it takes to train them. They also want to ensure that they screen out people who may be irresponsible, because that could lead to unfinished tasks, unnecessary missed days of work, or a lack of focus and attention to the job at hand.

Because of these and other types of job related criteria, businesses that want to try to improve the chances that their potential employees perform well and stay with the company for the long haul use a variety of metrics to evaluate applicants. They typically do background checks, search the Internet for revealing information about employees, and call to check work references. But more and more companies are also starting to check people’s credit history and credit scores as a fundamental part of the hiring process. That means that bad credit can result in a bad review and be the difference between landing a good job and being sent back to the unemployment office.

Before going on a job hunt, it is a good idea to spruce up your credit report – just as you might update your resume. Order copies of your credit history from the three big reporting agencies and review them carefully, looking any mistakes or outdated information that might hurt your credit. Then you can respond to the information and even challenge it if you think it contains errors. Armed with a freshened-up credit report you can go and apply for that dream job without worry, knowing that your good credit reflects well on your ability to also be a responsible and professional employee.

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  1. Michelle Sep 17

    Thanks for the tips. Clean credit is becoming just another job requirement for many employers.

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