Credit Bureaus

Who tracks your credit report?

So who tracks your payments and where do the car dealers, loan financers get your credit report from? There are three agencies (or better know as credit report bureaus) that do this : Equifax, Experian (formerly known as TRW) and TransUnion . These three credit report bureaus are independently owned for-profit companies. So as you might have guessed they are competitors by themselves and compete against each other and share little or no information. So when you apply for a loan or apply to finance your car, the financers pull your credit report from one (or all) of these credit report bureaus. And once you start making payments your bank/financers will start reporting to one (or all) of these credit report bureaus if you payment was on time or if it was delayed. All three credit bureaus tend to have the same information but if some bank/financer reports to only one or two of the three credit bureau then some discrepancies may arise.

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